Educational Services

IDream Global provides educational services to our partner institutions as well as our students. 

International Program Development and Support 

IDG will work with your staff to create or enhance your international student program to make it a successful and exceeding quality standards. 

School Faculty Training

Training faculty on the ins-and-outs of the international student program can be difficult and burdensome. Our services provide faculty the necessary tools and training to be at their best. Having a trained, knowledgeable, and proficient staff is important for a successful program.

Student Tutoring

IDG has tutors that can help you prior to, as well as post, your arrival at your school in America. Our dedicated tutors are skilled and qualified in many areas and topics that you may find challenging. 

College Admissions Assistance

Are you looking to study at an American college or university? Let us help you along the way to make things easy and guide you on the right path. We have a dedicated staff to work with you to find the perfect school for you and your future.