For Students

IDream Global services for international students provides that the highest quality standards and accommodation are met prior and post your arrival in the United States. We are here for you and want your experience of studying in America to be perfect! 

24/7 Crisis Management 

IDream Global is well aware that crisis' happen at any given moment in any give circumstance. We have a dedicated team of crisis management support staff if in case you need anything during your time in the United States. 

General Support

IDG understands that things in America are quite different and might be difficult to understand. Let us help you with travel arrangements to air from the airport, school orientation and setup, and anything else you might need help with. Just ask us!

School-Student Parent Liason 

Communication between your school and your parents can sometimes become a burden when extracurricular activities, test scores, and behavioral issues arise. IDG is your liason between your parents and your school, helping you focus on school and having fun!  

Medical Insurance

You can have all of our students at your school enrolled in a comprehensive medical insurance plan available for international students.