Summer/Winter & Spring Break Immersion Trips

IDG immersion trips provide a real life glimpse of the United States and what it is like to live, travel, and enjoy the beautiful country, all while having fun. Our camps provide an in depth experience of the American economic system, culture, and the plentiful fun and exciting activities offered in the United States. Our trips are organized to encourage students to experience America culture outside of the classroom, practice situational and conversational English, and explore monumental and historic sights/cities, all while having fun and gaining perspectives necessary for success in today's world.


For students:

  • Fun and exciting travel destinations, providing an unforgettable experience 
  • Improve situational & conversational  English 
  • In depth cultural development

For schools:

  • Take the pressure of cultural and travel exploration off of schools (schools need to focus on education)
  • Students putting knowledge to use outside of the classroom 
  • Fostering students' growth, improving on aspects that will directly benefit your institution
  • Students will have fun and enjoy time in the United States, adding to their overall experience here in America.